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Healthy Dose

Feb 27, 2021

Join Dr. Joe and Dr. Buzz as they sit down with Anthony Mendez, founder of Mendez Fitness Pro. Anthony is a business coach, Puma athlete, and host of the Sweat it Out Podcast. He focuses on helping health & fitness coaches who are looking to take their online business to the next level by using the power of social media to generate “6 figures” or more a year! He’s been featured on: Men’s Health Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance. 

In today’s episode we will get into the benefits of compound movement exercises and provide tips to anyone who is looking to start these type of exercise routines. We will then get into the challenges Anthony faced as a new entrepreneur trying to jumpstart his personal training business and how that led him to spin off and start a new business coaching personal trainers grow their own businesses. If you are deciding whether to become your own boss and start your own fitness empire, you will not want to miss this episode!